We’re working on new innovative softwares

To help you grow your business


High-Converting Theme

Increase conversions and boost sales with our professionally designed and conversion optimised Shopify store themes.

Upsell App

Make more money from the traffic you’ve already got with our upsell app that’ll increase revenue from every customer.

Landing Page Builder

Run better marketing campaigns with targeted landing pages.

Dropship Genius

Build a fast-growing drop shipping business with our data intelligence software to find the best products and create the best ads.

Rank Tracker

Capitalise on the massive wealth of free organic traffic by putting more focus on SEO. Our software helps you monitor rankings for each product and its respective keywords.

Product Finder

We made product research for Amazon sellers easy and now we’ve made it easy for Shopify sellers too. This simple software helps you find the most lucrative products in just minutes.

Business Calculator

What exactly do you need to do to achieve your business goals? Our suite of calculators will guide you in the right direction.

Sales Tracker

Finally gain complete clarity, our sales tracker provides key business metrics for multiple Shopify stores and Amazon accounts in one simple cloud dashboard available from the web and an app